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$50 Personalized River Rock

$50 Personalized River Rock

With round natural outlines, our Tennessee River Rocks have a bold and solid presence in the landscape or home. Rosy, sandy, or greenish undertones often show through a gray base color. These stones have been smoothed and shaped by years of rushing water from the creeks and rivers that flow through the Great Smoky Mountains. The water-aging process gives them interesting shapes, colors and striations. Like having a piece of the Smokies in your own yard! These River Rocks are long lasting, weather resistant and highly attractive. As no two river rocks are identical you have endless opportunities to make your landscape as unique as you’d like. These stones come in many different shapes and our expert stone carvers will find the perfect stone to fit the design requested! These smaller stones can only fit a limmited amount of carving. Please keep your requests for carving short. The average size for these are 8-10 inches wide and 5-7 inches tall.
SKU Number: 77777AB
Price: $50.00 
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